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Beef Rouladen





With a surplus of thinly sliced beef in the refrigerator, and a drawer full of kitchen twine at the ready, there really was no choice but to whip up a skillet full of beef rouladen.  While it’s not a quick dinner, it is both fairly easy and perfect for a Sunday dinner.  And, frankly, twine-wrapped meat never fails to impress guests.  As an added benefit, this recipe only uses 1/4 cup of red wine — leaving the remainder of the bottle to be enjoyed by the cook … and any helpers.

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Beef and Guinness Pot Pie



So, my son wanted Guinness stew for his 21st birthday.  Not knowing how exactly it differed from my normal beef stew recipe, we did some research.  As it turns out, Guinness stew is very similar to my beef stew — though quite a bit thicker … and flavored with Guinness.  Eventually, I stumbled upon an incredible recipe from Jamie Oliver who included cheese and a crust in his version. I quickly followed suit.  How could I not?  Cheese? Crust?  Yeah!

I did, however, use some variations in ingredients (porcini, for example) and technique.  This gal is a huge fan of porcini as they lend a good deal of umami to a dish.  Porcini mushrooms are something I frequently use to boost flavor and sometimes meaty texture to savory dishes.  If you’re not looking to add or alter texture to a dish, dried porcini can be ground into a powder and used to simply boost flavor without altering texture.

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Chicken and Tomato-Basil Pan Sauce


Chicken parmesan is a huge favorite of mine.  However, the winter holidays are so incredibly decadent (or outright hedonistic, really) that I feel an incredible need to cut back on carbs — at least for a bit. While this sacrifices the satisfying crust of chicken parmesan, it still incorporates all the flavors that make it great.  And, the rest of the family can add a side of linguine while I opt for broccoli.  No need to make separate meals.  In fact it’s so good, I’d make it on any weekday — regardless of dietary goals.  In about 30 minutes, dinner is served!

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