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Beef Rouladen





With a surplus of thinly sliced beef in the refrigerator, and a drawer full of kitchen twine at the ready, there really was no choice but to whip up a skillet full of beef rouladen.  While it’s not a quick dinner, it is both fairly easy and perfect for a Sunday dinner.  And, frankly, twine-wrapped meat never fails to impress guests.  As an added benefit, this recipe only uses 1/4 cup of red wine — leaving the remainder of the bottle to be enjoyed by the cook … and any helpers.

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Chicken and Tomato-Basil Pan Sauce


Chicken parmesan is a huge favorite of mine.  However, the winter holidays are so incredibly decadent (or outright hedonistic, really) that I feel an incredible need to cut back on carbs — at least for a bit. While this sacrifices the satisfying crust of chicken parmesan, it still incorporates all the flavors that make it great.  And, the rest of the family can add a side of linguine while I opt for broccoli.  No need to make separate meals.  In fact it’s so good, I’d make it on any weekday — regardless of dietary goals.  In about 30 minutes, dinner is served!

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