Bulgarian Feta


This isn’t a recipe as much as it is an official pronouncement of how delicious this cheese is .  To say that it’s incredible would be an understatement.

Bulgarian Feta isn’t an “official” feta cheese. Technically, it’s a feta-style cheese: made from sheep’s milk and brined like feta, but produced in areas other than Greece.  It has a finer crumble than Greek feta, which may be what makes it seem slightly creamier.

This also serves as a strong recommendation to add it to your menu in some form.  Imagine this in a mac and cheese recipe.  Swoon!  Or, use it as a simple table cheese:  Slice it.  Drizzle some olive oil over it.  Sprinkle with a tiny bit of kosher salt and pepper.  Serve it along with some fresh pita, olives, and tomatoes and you have a great appetizer — or even a quick meal!  Now that’s some good fast food!!

If you are in the Pittsburgh area, this can be purchased at PitaLand in Brookline.  This is where we get all of our pita and cardamom-spiced tea as well.  They also serve up a great bowl of ful!


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